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I spent six years at NECA, my last five years lasting from 8th grade through high school. Throughout my time there, I benefited from a professional and devoted faculty, a challenging academic curriculum, and access to numerous sports and extracurricular activities. I remember often wondering why my parents were putting me through a private Christian school, jealous sometimes of the seemingly unfair opportunities afforded to my public school counterparts. But after graduating and moving out into “the real world,” I have come to truly value my experiences and the lessons I learned there. Northeast Christian Academy offers its students a rigorous academic program infused with Biblical truths and a practical Christian perspective. I was able to develop both socially and spiritually in a caring environment which effectively prepared me for the challenges I would face after high school. My education at NECA remains one of my most memorable experiences—one which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to instill in their children something more than a simple understanding of the arts and sciences.

Sean Peters

To be honest with you, school and academics have never come easy for me. Northeast Christian Academy (NECA) was instrumental in helping me overcome a life of behavioral and learning disabilities. NECA proved to be a spiritual and academic safe haven compared to the abuse and ridicule that I had received in public school.
I would like to personally thank Mr. Coffman (the school principal at the time) for always being there even when I got kicked out of class! God has used him in my life to do some incredible things! Not only was he always there for me throughout my tenure at NECA, but he gave me the oppurtunity to coach the boys high school basketball team! No matter what, he believed in me despite all of the people that never thought I would make it past a high school diploma. Since graduating from NECA, I have recieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling (I graduate in 2010!). I am currently a youth leader at my church and I also provide group therapy for convicted criminals. My future goals are to use my degree in Counseling for the glory of God whether it be in private practice, Pastoral Counseling, or pursuing a P.h.D.

I give the thanks to God for without Him I am nothing.

Coby Callender
Class of 2000

Romans 8:28 – For I know that God causes all things to work together for good, for those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purpose.

What is of most importance when I think of Northeast Christian Academy (NECA) and Sun Valley Baptist Church is how the Lord used NECA to set Christ as the firm foundation of my life. I was entering my Freshman year of high school during NECA’s commencement year of operation. The message of God’s Word being preached in Chapel Services and also the required Bible classes had a life-long impact on me. Initially, NECA’s godly influence would not have been noticed. Why? The answer is this: the first few years of my adult life was spent running away from the Lord. Yet God never removed His Hand (The Lord is indeed faithful). Once I came to my senses (much like the prodigal son) I noticed I needed the Lord. I discovered there is no life outside of Christ. Returning to NECA, God placed His call on my life when I was a senior in high school. The school was taking part in a state wide competition for Private Christian Schools; being held at Prude Dude ranch (Fort Davis, TX). Each evening a worship service would be held. During one of these evening services God spoke to me through the preaching, and informed me that He was calling me into His full-time service. I did not make this call public until I was 30 years of age. I graduated from Bible College at the age of 36, and I entered Seminary at the age of 39. I continue working at a part-time rate to earn a Master’s of Divinity degree in Biblical Languages. One thing the Lord has taught me is that He alone is to be first in my life. I am to have no other gods before Him; including people. And when I think of NECA I am led to think of incredible people; people who were used of the Lord to draw me to Him. I think of great teachers and principals; such as Bro. Jack Berg & Sue Berg, Bro. Lee Huddleston & Janice Huddleston, Bro. Jim Truax, Mrs. Peterson, & Mrs. Bobbi. And than my fellow students (many whom have also followed the Lord in full-time ministry): Brian Weed, Danny Nicholas, Shelly Vetter, David Watkins, John & Rhonda Morrison, Roger Hovis, Tammie Turner, Kelly Pierce Hightower, Jeff Marlow, & Kevelyn Townsand Lowry (just to name a few). My own children have also had the blessing of attending a Christian School (in Fort Worth). My son (Stephen) is attending college at Pensacola Christian College. I thank the Lord for how He used NECA in providing my needed direction. It is my prayer NECA will continue to provide Godly influence, and direction for many more years to come!

Tom Stephan
Class of 1981

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

Northeast Christian Academy is indeed a special and influential place. NECA provided a first class education grounded in biblical principles that helped me grow and succeed not only academically, but spiritually and morally. The environment at the school was extremely conducive to comprehensive student development. The professional faculty and staff always made themselves available to ensure that their students were set up for success in and out of the classroom. The rigorous and thorough academic program is without a doubt one of the best you will find anywhere. I was blessed to have graduated from United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 2005. Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked West Point as the Best College in America. I say this not to bring any attention to myself, but to highlight the first class developmental experience I received at NECA that allowed me to be competitive for admission to West Point. While I was there, I found that I was ahead in many subjects as I had already learned these topics at NECA. More importantly, I discovered that the intensive character and values training at West Point reinforced an already solid foundation that I received at NECA.

I can say without a doubt that I would not have enjoyed any successes or be where I am today without Northeast Christian Academy. NECA will always hold a special place in my life because it pointed me in the right direction. While many institutions can give a young person an education, NECA builds the character, instills the discipline, and teaches the biblical principles that they will need to succeed in life.

Charles P. Rowan
Captain, Armor
United States Army
Northeast Christian Academy ‘01
United States Military Academy ’05

Well it has officially been just about ten years since I have graduated from Northeast Christian Academy, and it is almost hard to believe. However, as I begin to recollect the times and influences that NECA gave me I have concluded that, from the individual teachers in each one of my classes following all the way up to my school Principal, Mr. Coffman, they all have had a part in shaping me in who I am today.

I currently reside in Dallas, TX, and in pursuit of many things. I have been working with a non-profit faith based organization (H.I.S. Bridgebuilders) for the past five years mentoring, tutoring, and building relationships with families in a urban community and the government housing projects. Also, I have been working closely with Habitat for Humanity, Dallas ISD, Dallas Housing Authority, and many others. I am in the process of becoming the Art Director for another faith based urban teen center (Mercy Street Dallas), and working side by side with Colored Me Empowered.

You see, it was the interaction and relationships that cultivated my life, personal, and professional skills offered by NECA’s platform to prepare me for the life that God now has lead me in and that I am pursuing. I am still in the process of finishing my BFA in photography and photojournalism. I have been in a few art shows and have sold several of my original pieces and photographs here in Dallas, as well as, have had the opportunity to work with some renowned artists, photographers, businessmen, and businesses that are leading up to something great in my career of Urban Teen outreach and Global teen outreach while capturing the stories with my camera on my hip.

I am convinced that any parents or individuals who are seeking the possibility of attending Northeast Christian Academy, could not do any ill if they so choose to delve into the opportunity in becoming a part of this great institution, that strives and asks, those partnered with them, to also strive for life excellence.

It is because of their life principles and their unwavering persistence for each student to present their best, do their best, and be the best at whatever they dedicate themselves to achieve. Because of God’s grace and Northeast Christian Academy’s obedience to the call – I am who, where, and why I am today.

Carlos Sambrano

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