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Northeast Christian Academy provides a Special Needs Learning Center that is designed, staffed and equipped to administer learning assistance to students that have been clinically diagnosed with special learning difficulties or needs. Some of the students with needs that we can accommodate are those with Asperger’s, Dyslexia, mild Autism, PDD-NOS, and ADHD. Most of the students receive one on one instruction with a trained teacher and a specialized curriculum. Students that attend the Learning Center are scheduled for a regular period of instruction each day. This instruction time is normally an hour per session and the student may also attend more than one session a day. Each student is provided an assessment and then given instruction according to the individual’s learning need. After assessments and diagnosis are conducted the student’s primary method of regular classroom instruction is also evaluated and modifications are made much as possible if so needed. Prior to the placement of any student in the Learning Center the parents are required to meet with the Principal and the Learning Center Administrator. This is to ensure that the Learning Center is capable of assisting and meeting that student’s individual learning need. We consider each student on a case by case basis and we make no guarantee of success. Experience has demonstrated that in most cases students do make great improvement. There is an additional cost for Learning Center instruction and even though most students in the Learning Center are Northeast Christian Academy students; students other than students currently attending Northeast Christian Academy may also apply. Please call the school office at 915-755-1155 for more information or to schedule an appointment or a tour of the facility.

Northeast Christian Academy is pleased to introduce a new program for special needs children. The Program is titled “Fast for Words” and is an interactive, online program which not only benefits our special needs students but all students wishing to improve their reading skills to include ESL (English as Second Language) students. For beginning students, it increases phonemic awareness which is the building blocks for phonics. As the progress comprehension is stressed. There are also segments on grammar and sequencing in the language series. Student learn as they interact with “computer game” type environment and colorful animation. Teachers and parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress through email progress reports. Students can also take extra sessions at home and accelerate their progress if parents and teachers set the program up on their home computer. Students get “real time” individual help for beginning readers through Middle School levels. The Program also records the student’s voice for tracking progress.

Read a Testimonial

What Northeast Christian Academy has provided our family is a blessing from above. It was a blessing of relief, comfort and a changed life. I was a mother that decided homeschooling was my only option for my dyslexic young daughter. I had reached a point with public schools that forced me to decide what was most important above academics was my daughter’s self worth. She had struggled since the second grade and four years later, when she should have been in sixth grade, I knew that her progression to that grade would only add more problems. She was failing academically and her confidence was obsolete. As a mother I knew she was trying her best and I shared many tears with her and her frustrations. I had meetings with good teachers and bad. I attended IEPs in place, PERRAS, etc. I felt that we exhausted the school resources and yet our daughter was not learning at the necessary pace and was being pushed forward in class without the proper academic tools necessary for success. I felt guilty and ashamed daily that I was sending my daughter to a place that constantly reminded her that she was not good enough and that she was not nor could not be as smart as the other students in her class. I was helpless as to what to do and finally lost hope. After four years of conversations and battles the decision was made to home school in an effort to teach but mostly to help her feel loved, to be able to find her self confidence, and her learn at her own pace in a safe, loving and caring environment. As a family we decided I would educate her and she could go on to fulfill her life’s dreams. Education became second to her self-worth and my aim was for her to know she was a child of God and there were other paths that would embrace her energy, her joyful personality and her honest caring character.

When we moved to El Paso, Texas on a military assignment I began to look for a private Christian school for my youngest son. My first contact with Northeast Christian Academy was with the friendly office staff and I felt a glowing spirit was now with us. As we discussed the needs for my son, my daughter was also brought into the conversation. As we discussed her situation we realized that this might be the opportunity that we had been seeking for our daughter JJ. As we met with the Special Needs Education Director, Mrs. Finney, she seemed to immediately hold so many keys that could alleviate and relate to our daughter’s struggles. Overall the staff was eager and interested in our children. I noticed immediately that they had a genuine concern for our daughter’s desires. They believed in their Special Needs program and wanted to have an opportunity to work with her. I was hugely hesitant as I feared further damage to her spirit through academics that we had worked so hard on for two years to be re-established. On a leap of faith and knowing that I could pull her home at any time, we felt good the reading program that the school had in their Special Education department. My daughter began learning so quickly. She wanted to do more with the school. She was finally excited to learn. She was gaining confidence quickly. She tested into the fourth grade which we all expected and from there she gained confidence in herself and began to gain confidence in her ability to read. Based on her improvements we felt at ease about placing her into the school on a full time basis. At 13, she was placed into the regular Fourth Grade classroom. Being the joyful personality she is, she quickly accepted the challenge and overlooked that fact that she would be the oldest one in the class. She caught on quickly as she felt safe and excited about school everyday. Her reading improved quickly and she was reading thicker books and had the confidence that she had lacked for so long. She worked hard on mathematics and she understood what was expected of her and she now enjoyed success.

Above all the most precious gifts that will forever change her life is she now knows that she can do it. She desires to learn again and she is happy with herself and her work. She has become more responsible and understands more clearly how the Lord works through people. She can see it now at home and at school. Our daughter has been embraced and loved at Northeast Christian Academy and her talents uplifted and supported. Her smile glowed radiantly each day as she eagerly classes. Northeast Christian Academy has taken our child, the problem child, the impossible to teach, the ADHD, the little girl that couldn’t sit still in class, the one most teachers dreaded to have, the dyslexic girl – and lifted her up to higher places and helped us to teach her of her worth as a precious and smart child of God. This miracle and this blessing of relief and comfort has changed her life, our families’ life, and that of our children. As a mother this influence has brought me incredible peace. I know that she can be educated and learn in a loving atmosphere without medication and judgment. I appreciate the joy and peace this school has given to our family and future generations through sharing our faith in our daughters’ ability. We as a family are moved to tears for this miracle and we are awed at how to receive it. I know this program works because I have the evidence right before me each day in the newly revived life of my daughter.

Jessica Vaughn

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