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Student Participation

A. Goal: The Athletic Program has as its goal to give students an opportunity to use their God given talents in such a manner pleasing to God, also provide students an opportunity to serve God through a sports program, and to train students in proper Biblical principals concerning sportsmanship, self-discipline, and submission.

B. Eligibility requirements: Students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: High School students – eighteen years of age by September 1st of the current school year; Junior High students – between ten and fourteen years of age by September 1st of the current school year.
  2. Enrollment: High School students, ninth through eleventh, enrolled in a minimum of six classes that provides them with six credits toward graduation. Twelfth grade students enrolled in at least two classes, one is Bible, and must attain the twenty-four credits needed for graduation by the end of the current school year.
  3. Weekly Average: High School students must maintain a passing average in all subjects. All members of athletic teams must maintain a 70% in each subject area. Those students whose weekly grades fall below 70% are placed on Academic Probation.
  4. Academic Probation: The first priority of each student is to do his or her best academically. Each student athlete will have the opportunity to correct a substandard grade without interference with athletic practice or athletic events. Academic Probation is a week-to-week program based on each student’s grades. Each Monday, all High School Teachers will provide to the office each athlete’s name that is not maintaining a 70% average in their specific subject areas. The probation period is from Tuesday to Monday. When a student is placed on probation, their parents are notified. Each week the student is evaluated and upon raising their grades to 70% or above their probation period ends. During the first two weeks of any probation period, the student is required to practice with the team and to suit out for all games. Failure to comply with this will result in removal from the team. If a student’s probation period extends beyond these two weeks, the student will no longer practice or suit out for games until their grades are above 70%. After four continuous weeks of probation the student is removed from the team. If the athletic season is changing, any student who was eliminated from a team for grades is not allowed to participate in the new season, until their grades are above average for two continuous weeks.
  5. Academic Year: Sixth through Eighth grades are eligible for participation with the Junior High Teams. High School students may participate on Junior Varsity or Varsity Teams. In some instances, Eighth grade students may participate on High School Teams.
  6. Team Tryouts: Tryouts are conducted at the beginning of every sports season. Students must have a good attitude and demonstrate a willingness to obey the rules and follow directions. We will not tolerate any student that exhibits an uncooperative and rebellious attitude or spirit. A student that is failing one subject may tryout for a team, however, they will not participate in any games until their grades are above 70%. Any student that is failing more than one subject may not tryout for a team until all of their grades are above 70%.

C. Attendance Policy: All students that have made the decision and commitment to participate on an athletic team will attend all practices and games unless excused in writing from a parent or doctor. If a student accumulates two or more unexcused missed practices, they are subject to elimination from the team. The school attendance policy is in effect for athletic teams.

D. Dress code: We are a Christian School and we will dress appropriately. The school uniform code governs all school related activities. Failure to comply will result in release from the team.

  1. Practice uniform: The practice uniform is a generic T-shirt top and shorts that reach as a minimum to the top of the knee. This applies to boys and girls alike. No clothing that is un-Christian in nature is allowed. Students that wear such clothing are subject to disciplinary measures.
  2. Game spectator wear: Students are reminded that prior to or after games while in the stands, the Northeast Christian Academy dress code is in effect.
  3. Out of town trips: The coach prior to the event designates the dress wear for trips. Always remember that Christian dress and conduct are priorities.
Parental Involvement

A. Goal: The goal of our program is, to above all, put Christ first in every endeavor. We want to teach and train our young people through the area of sports, that Christians can compete, have fun, and win. All of this is accomplished when students maintain a proper attitude, display good sportsmanship, work hard, and maintain their academic averages. Our first priority is academics and our goal is for students to succeed academically and spiritually. All students must maintain their grades.

B. Attendance: Attendance is important to the parents as well as the students. By showing interest in their activities, you will increase their motivation and desire to exceed not only in athletics, but also in all their endeavors. Your enthusiasm at games is greatly appreciated by players and the school. Students are required to come to all practices and we need your assistance in this as well.

C. Dress Code: Encourage your student to comply with the dress code. We will not condone violations.

D. Involvement: We may occasionally ask for your assistance in driving to out of town games. If there are games that you can assist us in this area, please let the coach or the school office know which game you can help with.

E. Probation: If at any time your student is placed on Academic Probation, the coach or a school staff member will inform you of the reason or subject area and the stipulations regarding the probation. We want to do our best to keep you informed and sustain your involvement in the athletic program and the school in general.


Student: I have read these guidelines and will strive to do my best to adhere to them. I understand the consequences involved with not following these standards.

Printed Name



Parent: I have read these guidelines with my student. I will encourage my student to do his very best and to obey the rules and guidelines as set forth by Northeast Christian Academy.

Printed Name


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